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Levo Solar Technology Co.;Ltd  is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise founded in the year of 2010,and focused on the research,develop,manufacturing and marketing of variety of solar panels.Such as standard solar modules,dual glass solar modules,bificial solar modules,half-cut cells solar modules as well as shingled cells solar modules and so on to meet the diversified needs of our clients and the projects.

Solar modules is the foundation of any successful projects,Levo solar’s solar modules are developed and manufactured from the latest research,with the materials of the highest quality in a modern manufacturing process to deliver the maximum electricity as long life cycle as possible.

All the solar modules are tested according to the international standards in the most extreme conditions to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and optimal solar modules.

We have our own engineers,electricians,projects managers and our own Swedish research department which together form a strong team to provide you one stop solution,which includes project location selection,project planning,project application,engineering design,project construction,system installation,system operation, maintenance ,monitoring and etc.With our large range of solar panel,we are able to tailor a solution to your unique needs and help you from the start to the finish.

We believe that close cooperation with our partners is crucial to our success.Now we distribute our solar pv moules to over 20 countries all over the world.Levo solar is ready to build mutually beneficial collaborations with our customers,no matter you are installers,developers,distributors or other partners who want to contribute to a better green world by providing affordable solar energy. 

Levo solar will strive to make solar the most sustainable and competitive source of energy worldwide.


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